Modern Vegan Cuisine


I first got the idea to write a cookbook when I'd post pictures of foods I was eating onto various social media sites.

As a former caterer and chef, I had developed quite a following as a "foodie". The feedback and requests for recipes became a bit overwhelming, so I decided to place everything in one neat little package; Modern Vegan Cuisine was born. 


After becoming a certified health coach and completing a plant-based nutrition course through Cornell University, I was compelled to transition to a vegan lifestyle. As I made the announcement to friends and family, everyone had the same question, "Where will you get your protein?" I would explain that there were plenty of plant-based protein sources like broccoli, spinach, asparagus, greens, whole grains, nuts, seeds, and legumes.


One of the  issues I ran into when I began my transition was bland food, high prices, and SOY, SOY, SOY. I have a severe intolerance to soy, nor am I very fond of the estrogens contained in soy. Another concern is that approximately 90% of the soy produced and distributed is GMO based and well, I don't think I need to defend my position on that topic.


I was left with one choice; use my culinary skills and experience to create vegan meals that were healthy AND delicious. I believe I've captured that in Modern Vegan Cuisine


I believe these recipes will serve you well if you are looking to transition to plant-based eating, or simply serve as a tool to make Meatless Mondays fun again.

"After tasting the Plant Based Princess's black bean burger, all other vegan burgers could not compare. This is not an exaggeration. The beautiful symphony of savory and sweet (from the pickles) made my palate do the happy dance.  Texture is also typically an issue for me when enjoying vegan burgers, and this was not an issue with this burger.  Simply put, it's amazing from first bite to last. The arrival of gourmet modern vegan is upon us... Rejoice! Nom nom!"


Patrice Elizabeth Russell


"I would never had known this was a vegan burger if I hadn't been told. I found it to be both tasty and satisfying two words I had not previously associated with vegan eating.
I work with families and encourage them to implement nutritious foods into their daily meals. With this book Dymetra has found a way to get children and adults excited about healthy eating and living! 
I am eager to introduce my  clients to more of Dymetra's nutritious, yet appetizing recipes."

- Kasey Phillips Brown,LCSW
Certified Health Coach


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