Some Mistakes Are Just Perfect!

This raw vegan chocolate mousse is smooth, creamy, and rich in flavor and texture. Whenever I go into the kitchen to create a new recipe, I love it when I stumble upon something new. This mousse was what I call an "OOPS" recipe. As I was attempting to create a recipe for chocolate ice cream from a batch of fresh coconut milk that I had just whipped up, I removed a light and fluffy chocolaty mixture from my Blendtec and realized right away that this would be perfect for a mousse or pudding. I spooned it out into a container and let it sit overnight and was overwhelmingly surprised with the end result; pure love (smile).

You can't go wrong with chocolate, berries, and mint :).

#chocolatemousse #healthydesserts #guiltfreedesserts #chocolate #coconutmilk #strawberries

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