How Eating Apples Can Save Your Life

We've all heard it before, "An apple a day keeps the doctor away." According to various research studies, eating two apples per day can help prevent cancer. Apples are good for you for many reasons; they're low in fat, have very few calories, they are a great source of fiber, can help regulate your blood sugar, lower your blood fat levels, and they help promote healthy weight.

Forbidden Fruit?

Beyond the myth and lore of apples as the forbidden fruit; you should look to include them in your daily regimen. In fact, recent studies highly recommend that you eat upwards of three apples per day. One medium apple has just under 100 calories so eating three per day shouldn't break the calorie bank. Besides, those same three apples provides just over 13g of fiber; about 50% of the RDA.

Cancer Prevention

The phytochemicals in apples have been known to lower risk of lung and colon cancer, and inhibit the growth of breast cancer cells. When it comes to antioxidant power, apples are ranked among the top of all fruit. Antioxidants and other phytochemicals help the body to:

  • Eliminating free radicals that cause cancer

  • Retard the growth of cancerous tumors

  • Eradicate cancer cells

Have an apple, or two, or three today :).

#apples #cancerprevention

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